Schedule is back for its third edition. 2020 will host two days of workshops followed by two days of conference.

Wed August 26, 2020
Workshop Day 1

On Wednesday you can join two workshops; Harry Roberts' workshop on Front-end Performance.

We will be adding another workshop on the Wednesday!

Thu August 27, 2020
Workshop Day 2

On Thursday we host Miriam Suzanne's workshop on CSS and Sass.
We will be adding another workshop later!

In the evening we’ll organise a cozy pre-conference dinner and drinks!

Fri August 28, 2020
Conference Day 1

As soon as we have announced most speakers, we will be announcing our schedule. Expect six talks a day with breaks in between every two talks.

This year we won't be providing lunch, but we do a long lunch break so you can find a lunch spot to your liking. Of course, we will be providing a map with restaurants nearby, so you are sure you won't miss the food you're craving ;-)

In the evening we throw a sweet After Party with drinks and snacks.

Sat August 29, 2020
Conference Day 2

Same setup as the first conference day, with six speakers and a long lunch.

And after that, goodbye's 😢

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